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Business Insurance

Valuable Coverage at Affordable Rates

The AARP® Home Business Insurance Plan is offered through the AARP® Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program from The Hartford. It's designed to provide home based business insurance to policyholders at very affordable rates.

Insuring Your Business Is Simple

The Hartford's home-based business insurance can work together with a homeowners policy, offering these great advantages:

Easy-to-Add Coverage

The AARP Home Business Insurance Plan is easy to add to an AARP Homeowners Insurance policy from The Hartford and is specifically designed to provide the expanded coverages you need as a home business owner, without causing overlaps in your protection.

Customized Protection

If your home business involves selling goods, your protection needs may be very different from someone who offers a service or provides consulting. The AARP Home Business Insurance Plan features several coverage options so that you can customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

One-Stop Protection

Just as there are advantages to having your home and business under one roof, you'll enjoy the convenience and security of having your homeowners and home-based business insurance in one place. And, if you ever do have a loss, just one call puts you in touch with the claim professionals you need.

Helping to Improve Your Bottom Line

There was a time when the only home-based business insurance option was to purchase a small business insurance policy. These policies were often expensive and provided more coverage than many home business owners needed.

One of the key advantages of the AARP Home Business Insurance Plan from The Hartford is that it allows you to customize your coverage for your specific business, so you're not paying for home business insurance coverage you may not need.

Call The Hartford's home-based business insurance professionals today at 1-888-466-9675 and discover how affordable it can be to protect your home business with the AARP Home Business Insurance Plan from The Hartford.

Details on Home Based Business Coverage

Most businesses in the office, retail, service and selected contractors categories qualify for this coverage. The basic plan covers the following (but remember, higher limits are available in every category):

$100,000 Business Liability Protection

Pays medical bills, defense fees and court judgments for business related law suits.

$10,000 Business Property—On Premises

Pays on a full replacement basis.

$5,000 Business Property Off-Site

Pays on a full replacement basis.

Unlimited Income and Relocation Basis

For up to 12 months, reimburses you for your loss of income and extra relocation expenses if a fire, or other covered disaster causes you to suspend operations.

$2,500 Protection for Valuable Papers

Pays your costs to research, replace and restore valuable papers and information, whether on paper or on disk.

$5,000 Accounts Receivable

Reimburses you for the income you may lose if your accounts receivable records are destroyed, and for the cost of reconstructing those records.

Call for a Quote

For more information or to request a quote for your home-based business, call The Hartford at

M-F 8 am to 6:30 pm ET