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Comprehensive Insurance

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

Covering Fire, Theft, Glass Breakage, Hail, etc.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage, which is other than collision coverage, pays for damage to your covered vehicle (up to actual cash value), less the deductible amount, as a result of damage caused by events such as fire, theft, glass breakage, riot, windstorm and hail.

Insurance Coverage availability varies by state

Your Limits for Comprehensive Coverage

If you plan to purchase comprehensive auto insurance coverage, selecting a higher deductible generally helps to reduce the cost. Comprehensive insurance coverage is often required when your car is financed or leased.

When Comprehensive Coverage Comes in Handy

Let’s say a hail storm blows through town, and the aftermath is apparent on your vehicle. Dents from the hail are evident on the hood and roof of your new SUV.

Luckily, your comprehensive auto insurance can help pick up the tab. If you didn’t have this coverage, you could be stuck having to pay for the body repairs out of pocket.


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