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Workers’ Compensation

California MPN

The Hartford’s California Workers’ Compensation Medical Provider Network

This website is a resource to help you set up and maintain The Hartford's California Workers' Compensation Medical Provider Network at your workplace.


Read the Employer MPN Guide. It explains the CA MPN and your role in its implementation.

Employer MPN Guide


Print the DWC-7 state-required posting notice. Most of the MPN information has been filled out for you. Please fill in the remaining items. The MPN effective date is the date on your workers’ compensation policy. Refer to your policy to fill in the writing company on the “Workers’ compensation insurer” line, and for your policy expiration date. Click here to find the nearest information and assistance officer. When complete, post the DWC-7 form in a place frequented by your employees..

DWC-7 (ENG and SPAN)


At time of injury:

1. Provide the "DWC-1 Employee Claim Form and Notice of Potential Eligibility."

DWC1 Claim Form (ENG and SPAN) 

2. Provide the “Complete Written Employee Notification.”

Complete Written MPN Employee Notification (ENG and SPAN)


Upon hiring a new employee:

1. Provide the "Time of Hire Pamphlet"

Time of Hire Pamphlet (ENG and SPAN)

New MPN Employee Notification Documents and Processes

The State of California provides the following guidelines to help you understand the new MPN process:

  • MPN Employee Notifications are only required at time of injury or when the injury is reported.
  • MPN Employee Notifications also required when transferring claims into a MPN.
  • MPN Employee Notices for initial roll out and employee time of hire are NO LONGER REQUIRED.
  • All California Employers are still required to adhere to California Regulations pertaining to the DWC-7 posting, Time of Hire Pamphlets, and Pre-designation Forms. 

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