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Career Paths

Discover Where Your Degree Can Take You

Programs to Develop Your Talents Quickly

We know that college graduates are full of energy and ready to dive into their new careers. That's why we offer these programs to develop your talents quickly, allowing you to play a critical role in the company's success. If you're ready to make an impact, we have a program for you.

Actuarial Program

Focus on developing your actuarial, business and leadership skills at The Hartford.

Investment Management

Investment Management
Put your career on the fast track with our Investment Management program.

Claims Career

Enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career and help our customers during their time of need.

MBA Internships 

 MBA Internships
Test your new skills with our MBA Internship Program at The Hartford. 

Complex Claims

Complex Claims
Become an expert in complex claims involving asbestos, toxic torts and construction defects.


Join Enterprise Operations and gain exposure to diverse development opportunities.

Consumer Markets

Consumer Markets
Develop your potential as a future business leader within Consumer Markets.

Technology Leadership Development Program

Obtain skills in both business and IT strategy and development at The Hartford.

Financial Leadership Development Program

Begin your finance career with an extensive foundation in insurance, finance and accounting.

Underwriting Program

Jump start your underwriting career at The Hartford. 

Human Resources Leadership Development Program Human Resources
Start your human resources career in a range of areas at The Hartford.
isk Leadership Development Program   Enterprise Risk
Gain exposure to many facets of The Hartford’s enterprise-wide risk functions.




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