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Your paycheck helps you keep so many promises.  Help protect it.


We rely on the expertise of public employees to protect our neighborhoods, educate our children and provide a wide range of critical services. In the same way, they can rely on The Hartford's expertise to protect their families and future.

As the No. 1 seller of group disability in the country, The Hartford is well positioned to meet the unique needs and objectives of the State of Arizona and its employees. We currently serve nearly 7,000 employee benefit and retirement customers in the educational and public sectors. Among these, more than 50 public sector clients with 5,000+ employees have retained us for an average contract duration of eight years.

It's a record that speaks volumes about our commitment to reducing the administrative burden while providing superior benefits at competitive rates. State of Arizona can expect the same combination of expertise, value and seamless delivery that has won us the loyalty of customers in the public sector.

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The Hartford’s goal is to get you through your time away from work with dignity and the best care possible. We’ll be there when you need us.

Just give us a call at the number listed below - for quick and helpful support to start a Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability or Life Insurance claim.

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