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Employee Life Insurance

They Mean So Much to You.
Help Protect Them.

Your Decisions Today Could Mean
a Lot to Your Loved Ones

Life can be as fragile as it is precious. And if an illness or injury led to your untimely death, how secure would your loved ones be? Would they be able to pay for life's necessities as well as goals like college or retirement? The life insurance policy your employer offers may let you say "yes."

Caring That Lives On

You can help take care of your loved ones by subscribing to your employer's life insurance plan. Depend on it for:

  • Plans for your loved ones as well as you. Depending on your employer, you can elect coverage for your spouse and dependent children, for just a little more per year.
  • Continuous coverage. If you ever leave your company, or under other qualifying conditions, you can continue your employee life insurance coverage, as outlined in your policy with The Hartford.

Life Conversations: Additional Services for You

There are some life conversations that no one wants to have – especially when it involves planning for financial matters, insurance needs, making end-of-life decisions or planning for the loss of a loved one.

As part of your life insurance plan with The Hartford, you may have access to our Life Conversations suite of additional services, designed to help you and your loved ones make more informed decisions. Services include:

  • Funeral Planning and Concierge Services1 include a suite of online tools to guide you through key decisions before a loss, including help comparing funeral-related costs. After a loss, this service includes family advocacy and professional negotiation of funeral prices with local providers – often resulting in significant financial savings. Learn more
  • EstateGuidance2 Will Services help you protect your family’s future by creating a will online – backed by online support from licensed attorneys. Learn more 
  • Beneficiary Counseling Services3 offer compassionate expertise to help you or your beneficiaries (those you name in your policy) cope with emotional, financial and legal issues that arise after a loss. Includes unlimited phone contact with a counselor, attorney or financial planner for up to a year, and five face-to-face sessions. Learn more
  • Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection and Assistance Services4 include pre-trip information that helps you feel safe and secure while traveling. You can also get access to medical professionals across the globe for medical assistance when traveling 100+ miles away from home for 90 days or less when unexpected detours arise. Another important service is ID theft protection, available 24/7 whether home or away. Protection is provided two ways: educational materials to help prevent identity theft, and access to caseworkers who can help you resolve problems that result from identity theft. Learn more

For more information or to sign up for employee life insurance, contact your employer about benefits enrollment.

1 Funeral Concierge Services are offered through Everest Funeral Package, LLC (Everest). Everest and the Everest logo are service marks of Everest Funeral Package, LLC. PriceFinder is a service mark of Everest Information Services, LLC. Everest is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services. Everest and its affiliates have no affiliation with Everest ReGroup, Ltd., Everest Reinsurance Company or any of their affiliates.

2 EstateGuidance® services are provided through The Hartford by ComPsych®. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services. A simple will does not cover credit shelter trust, printing or certain other features. These features are available at an additional cost to you.

3 Beneficiary Assist® is offered through The Hartford by ComPsych®. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services.

4 Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection and Assistance are provided by Europ Assistance USA. Europ Assistance USA is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services.

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