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Returning to Work After Disability

Taking Up Where You Left Off

A Self-Affirming Experience

There are a lot of reasons why returning to work after a disability can be a self-affirming experience. The Hartford gives you more of them.

The Benefits of Returning Back to Work

The job you do so well is a big part of your identity. It's a source of self-esteem as well as a paycheck. You're part of a team that provides you with encouragement and praise as well as social interaction. All of which are important to your everyday life. Without them, you may feel disconnected. Getting back will help build up your self-confidence, your connection to the world and your contribution to it. Not to mention your savings.

Workplace Accommodations

Maybe you need a special chair, a handicapped parking space or reduced hours on site. Whatever you need, we will help facilitate those conversations with your employer. Learn about common workplace accommodations

Someone to Lean On

If you have disability coverage through The Hartford, a return-to-work coordinator or rehabilitation case manager will help ease your transition back to work. Our coordinators/case managers have the experience and clinical know-how to understand what you're up against – and can advocate for your special needs. Your coordinator will:

  • Be in touch with your physician for input on your progress.
  • Be in touch with you to give support and encouragement.
  • Let your employer know how you're doing, when you can safely return to work and what you'll need once you're back.


Ratings and Reviews

"I could not have chosen a better company to invest in and trust during a time of great need. Thank you Hartford for being there for me when I needed you.” 

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The Hartford At Work

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Carrieā€™s Story

Carrie's Story

Personal and financial support from The Hartford can help ease a difficult recovery.

Carrie's Story