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Our Claims Philosophy

Equal Parts Compassion
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The Hartford is sharply focused on our core businesses for growth and our leadership in group benefits is a key driver. We are investing in new capabilities to deliver benefits solutions with precision and integrity. We’ve made steady gains with innovative products as well as claims management. We have improved the customer experience for employees with disability claims by enhancing our long-term disability claims path in 2012; and introducing short-term disability paths in late 2013.

Whether it's a life insurance claim, a long-term absence due to illness, a short-term maternity leave or any other reason for a claim, we handle it all with sensitivity, attention to detail, accuracy and know-how. Our dedicated and committed people are passionate about our focus on abilities. It's what we call our "Ability Philosophy."

  • The clock starts when an employee calls The Hartford; 89 percent of STD claims are promptly paid within 10 business days from the first notice of the claim.1
  • Our ability approach and return-to-work coordinators have helped employees return to productivity nearly twelve days sooner than initially estimated by their physicians.4

Claims Excellence

Claims Statistics

Claims Statistics

Clinical Intake Model

Our experienced and compassionate nurses are dedicated to providing a superior claims experience by providing the right resources at the right time. Our clinical intake model can make the difference:

  • More holistic and compassionate. With 20 years’ average experience, our intake nurses offer an expert, caring ear as they collect data, explain the process, document impressions and set durations.
  • Shorter durations. Disability absences can be 7 percent shorter than with traditional intake.3
  • Upfront investment. With 80 nurses in our network, we can afford to invest more time in the initial interview.
  • More proactive and accurate. Our nurses reach out to attending physicians and make referrals to case managers.
  • More efficient with less back-and-forth for the claimant. In the time it would take to forward a claim to an examiner, we already have the medical data and have provided clinical guidance.

It all adds up to a better experience for the customer and greater efficiency.

Claims to Fame

Taking the time necessary to talk to employees, answer their questions and ease their minds really sets us apart. So do our speedy phone response time and prompt payments. Here's what you can expect:

Short-term Disability Claims

  • A nurse (averaging 20 years of experience) handles the claim at intake and when necessary works directly with employees' physicians to help ensure the best outcome.
  • Clinical experts, including medical and behavioral case managers, follow a claim through its entire life cycle, intervening when necessary.
  • Dedicated short-term disability return-to-work professionals help to ensure that the transition back to work is as safe and as timely as possible.

Long-term Disability Claims

  • Our process allows for seamless transition from short-term to long-term disability, with minimal paperwork required of employers and employees.
  • More than 89.7 percent of our long-term disability claimants disabled for two years or more are approved for Social Security benefits, translating to an estimated four percent above the industry average.2

Life Insurance Claims

  • With claims centers in the U.S., each with extended call hours, we can help provide an optimal service experience for beneficiaries. And accurate, prompt payment.

New Claims Path Model: Customizing the Path to Recovery

Disability claims come in all durations, all degrees of severity, and all occupations. At The Hartford, we took that as a cue to improve our claims model in a new approach we call "claims paths", making the process more efficient and customized. It helps provide the right resources at the right time. The idea is simple: We consider the claimants' diagnosis, combine nurses, experienced staff and proprietary analytics to assign the right staff who will help best suit the needs of our customers. See the chart below.


This new model is backed by professionals with the experience and credentials to make it work:

  • Social Security disability advocates make the transition to Social Security disability insurance hassle-free with a 97% award rate for three years running.3
  • In-house physicians5 make more timely decisions with more accurate outcomes and are clearly focused on returning employees to work.

1Internal Hartford data as of 04/01/2013
2Based on total referrals excluding people who already have representation, have already been awarded, or die.
3Internal Hartford data as of 1/31/2013
4Internal Hartford data as of 12/31/2012
5Independent medical exams are not conducted by The Hartford's in-house physicians

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