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Voluntary Employee Benefits

Flexibility and Cost

Employer-sponsored, Employee-paid

Employer-sponsored, employee-paid voluntary benefits solutions from The Hartford can give you greater flexibility to help manage overall benefit costs in the face of rising health care expenses—while offering a competitive benefits package.

Our plans enable employees to better determine what's right for their family and what coverage they can afford, at cost-advantaged group rates.

Fair to You. Fair to Your Employees.

Retaining talented employees requires benefits that address their real goals, dreams, and concerns – at a cost they can afford. The Hartford's voluntary employee benefits products offer:

  • A diversity of insurance plans and combinations, including long-term disability; short-term disability; long- and short-term disability combined; life insurance with accidental death and dismemberment; stand-alone accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • DisabilityFLEXSM,100 percent employee-paid disability coverage that your employees can customize to their needs and income
  • Personalized enrollment supported by a team of enrollment consultants and specialized enrollers
  • Real-time decisions through our online Evidence of Insurability system
  • Flexible rates and participation requirements
  • Online beneficiary management
  • Identification and automatic communication to employees of their eligibility for portability and/or conversion services
  • A call center for questions or to select benefits over the phone
  • Multiple billing options that help ensure an accurate and streamlined process

For more information on The Hartford's voluntary benefits solutions, talk to a Hartford sales representative today.

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DisabilityFLEX eGuide

Learn more about our customizable coverage, DisabilityFLEX, with this easy-to-understand guide.

DisabilityFLEX eGuide

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