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Life Insurance

Peace of Mind
For Your Employees

Smart, Flexible Solutions

Life insurance helps protect the financial futures of those who depend on an employee’s paycheck.

Our Voluntary Life Insurance offers a wide range of plan schedules and maximums, providing choice and flexibility to employers looking for comprehensive (or supplemental) coverage for employees.

How It’s Flexible

We can help choose the Life plan options that best fit the needs of employers – and their employees.
Employers can offer their employees:

  • Benefit amounts of $25,000 – $250,000 in increments of $25,000, without salary multiplier
  • Annual buy-up option (of one increment with no EOI)
  • Guarantee Issue (based on size of eligible lives)
  • Spouse Rider: 100% of employee benefit, Guarantee Issue of $50,000
  • Child Rider: Auto Benefit, $10,000
  • Reduction: 50% at age 70
  • Portability (included)
  • AD&D benefit (optional)
  • 5- or 10-year age band rates

Why It’s Valuable

Life insurance from The Hartford – whether paid for in part by employers or paid entirely by employees – helps protect the financial future of beneficiaries while also helping curb costs.

At The Hartford, our benefit plans include more than just death benefit proceeds – they also include access to emotional support and resources to help loved ones heal and move forward after loss.

We’ll help customize employers’ coverage with optional benefits, including:

  • A generous Living Benefit Option that helps ease the burden for terminally ill employees.
  • A choice of Premium Waiver Options provides additional protection for disabled employees.
  • An enhanced continuity of coverage clause prevents employees from being stranded without coverage on our policy transfer date – even if they're not actively at work on that day.
  • A Portability Option, plus Conversion. If employees leave the company (or under other qualifying conditions) they can take all or a portion of their coverage with them.

Beyond the Benefit
Employers care about their employees. So do we. We go beyond the benefit with a variety of value-added employee services, to help make the difficult times a little bit easier. With Life insurance we offer:

  • Beneficiary Counseling Services1
  • Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection Services2
  • Funeral Planning & Concierge Services3
  • EstateGuidance® Will Preparation Services4

Not all benefits may be available in all states.

1 Beneficiary Assist® is offered through The Hartford by ComPsych®. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services.

2 Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection and Assistance are provided by Europ Assistance USA. Europ Assistance USA is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services.

3 Funeral Concierge Services are offered through Everest Funeral Package, LLC. Everest and its affiliates have no affiliation with Everest ReGroup, LTC., Everest Reinsurance Company or any of their affiliates.

4 EstateGuidance® Will services are provided through The Hartford by ComPsych®. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services. A simple will does not cover credit shelter trust, printing or certain other features. These features are available at an additional cost to you.

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