FleetAhead presented by The Hartford

FLEETAHEAD SM Presented by The Hartford

Measuring risk. Coaching behavior. Improving performance.

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Every vehicle you put on the road is put through scheduled maintenance. Oil changes. Tune-ups. Tire rotations. But what about tuning up the most important component: your drivers?

If you could help them drive more safely, you could reduce accidents. Cut down on downtime. Increase fuel efficiency. Lower costs. And boost customer satisfaction. FleetAhead from The Hartford was created to help you do all that and more. Hereís how.

In-vehicle telematics measure risky maneuvers as they happen, relaying that data to a central web portal where it can be stored and analyzed.

Even more importantly, fleet and risk managers are coached to read, understand and use that data effectively. To identify opportunities for improvement. And to share those insights in the most positive, constructive way possible. Because while FleetAhead is driven by data, we know people skills are what keep everyone moving in the right direction.

FleetAhead from The Hartford. Itís preventive maintenance for your drivers. Peace of mind for your fleet and risk managers. And more security for your bottom line.


Before we ask how safe your drivers are, we ask what kind of fleet you have. Why does it matter?

Because miles of experience teach taxi drivers to anticipate every situation. Cable installers know more about coaxial hookups. FleetAhead is flexible enough to meet the needs of both.

After that, the rubber really meets the road.

We want to know if your drivers tend to gun it at green lights. Do they accelerate through turns? How aggressively do they change lanes? Do they tailgate in rush hour traffic?

The telematics behind FleetAhead can answer those questions, and more. Right down to how many sharp turns a particular driver made last Tuesday. Positive data your fleet and risk managers can use to drive positive change in your fleetís safety record.


FleetAhead from The Hartford gives risk and fleet managers more than just data on their drivers. We coach them in how to read and understand that data. And how to use it to coach drivers toward improved performance behind the wheel.

On the Road

In-vehicle telematics continuously measure risky maneuvers as they happen, so drivers can make corrections and start building toward long-term improvement.

But the feedback doesnít stop there. And drivers arenít the only ones getting coached.

In the Office

All that data from the road is relayed to a central web portal where it is stored and analyzed. From there, The Hartfordís Risk Engineering experts coach fleet and risk managers to read that data correctly, draw the right conclusions and identify the best opportunities for improvement. Managers also learn proven and productive ways to coach their drivers toward that improvement.

Drivers get real world, on-the-job feedback. Managers and supervisors get a clear picture of how their fleet is performing. And are shown how to identify and correct risky driving behaviors in a positive, constructive manner.


Beyond immediate short-term savings, commercial fleets using telematics have cut crash costs in half and reduced fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

FleetAhead from The Hartford is driven by data like this. Managers are coached in the best ways to read it. And the smartest ways to translate data into overall improvement behind the wheel.

That makes FleetAhead from The Hartford a tool that can actually improve morale among your employees. And boost their image on the road with your customers.

Our partners represent leaders in the field of telematics and offer a full range of services and capabilities.

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Who Benefits?Who Benefits?

Fleet Managers

Safer drivers mean fewer accidents. Greater fuel economy. Less wear on engines and tires. And more kudos for you.

Risk Managers

Telematics measure risk. FleetAhead coaching uses that data to improve safety. So you have less risk to manage.

Your Drivers

They build confidence behind the wheel. They build good safety records. And that builds your companyís image.

Your Customers

Appointments are kept. Services are provided. Goods are delivered. And that builds your companyís image, too.

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What happened at a Regional Beverage Distributor after FleetAhead started to measure, coach and improve? Their accident rate, accident losses and overall risky driving behavior plummeted. Find out how much... and, incidentally, how much fuel they saved in the process.

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Clients may receive a discount of up to 15% on their auto insurance premium or see a reduction in their loss costs within the self retained portion of their auto insurance.