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Association & Affinity Groups

Has its Benefits

Innovative Products, Customized Plans

We help ensure the financial security of association and affinity group members through innovative products, customized plans, and world-class customer service. Whichever offerings your clients choose, we can handle enrollment, claims and reporting with high-tech efficiency and personable service. 

Popular Options with Proven Advantages

  • Life Insurance. A great way for association members or financial account holders to supplement existing coverage at affordable group rates. Our life insurance programs include term life, senior term life and more.
  • Disability. We can provide short-term and long-term disability plans to help replace members' incomes. Plus the compassionate guidance and tools they need to get back on their feet and return to work. As a founding sponsor of the USA Paralympics, The Hartford focuses on what people can do, inspiring them to believe in their abilities and aim for their personal best.
  •  Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). When you offer 24-hour accident coverage through this program, you help members or customers protect themselves no matter when a covered accident happens. It pays benefits for disabling injuries or a lump-sum benefit for death by accident. Program offerings include loyalty or escalatory AD plans.
  •  Bank Club Program. A special offering for financial institutions, which provides AD&D coverage with other benefits, or offers AD&D exclusively to specific groups.
  •  Hospital Income Plan. If an insured is hospitalized, this plan pays benefits for any purpose, including hospital costs, deductibles, childcare and other expenses.
  • TRICARE Supplement. The Hartford's TRICARE Supplement insurance plan provides military families with coverage to help pay out-of-pocket medical costs.


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For associations and affinity group business, contact Greg Pihl at 860-843-5890 or