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Small Business Group Benefits

Think Smarter, Bolder,
Bigger About Small Business

A Dedicated, Responsive Approach

At The Hartford, we recognize the unique needs and challenges of the under-50 employer market. Committed to serving the producers who focus on group benefits for small businesses, we have developed a dedicated, responsive approach to providing customer-centric solutions.

Group Benefits Small Business Center

The Hartford's Group Benefits Small Business Center is staffed by a dedicated team of knowledgeable insurance specialists who can assist you before and after sales to employers with 4-49 employees.

Contact our Small Business Center (1-888-899-9174) to:

  • Submit requests for proposals (RFPs) for 4-49 employees

  • Notify us of sold cases for 4-49 employees

  • Make general sales-related inquiries

  • Get information about in-force cases

  • Receive consultative case support

  • Inquire about renewals

Products – Submitting New Business

For employers with  4-49 employees, submit RFPs for:

  • Group life and accident (AD&D) insurance (product guide)

  • Long-term disability insurance (product guide)

  • Short-term disability insurance (product guide)

  • DisabilityFLEXSM – customizable, voluntary disability insurance (product guide)

  • Statutory plans for New York Disability Benefits Law (DBL) and Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)

Many of The Hartford’s small business group benefit products include various value added services, designed to help employees with the challenges that come before and after a claim. See below for a list of value-added services we offer with our products.

  • Group Life & Accident Insurance:  Beneficiary Assist, Everest Funeral Planning Services, Travel Assist and Identity Theft Protection Services
  • Long-term Disability Insurance: Ability Assist Counseling Services, Travel Assist and Identity Theft Protection Services
  • Short-term Disability Insurance: Travel Assist and Identity Theft Protection Services

Learn more about our value-added services

Although The Hartford Group Benefits offers Group Life and Disability coverage to a wide range of industries, there are still some industries that we must decline to quote. See the chart below:

With 4 - 49 Employees:
Industry Codes (SIC) Industry Classification
1000 - 1499 Mining & Quarrying
4500 - 4599 Airlines
4600 - 4699 Pipelines
7941 - 7948 Sports Teams
9999 Non-classifiables
With 4 - 9 Employees:
Industry Codes (SIC) Industry Classification

0100 - 0999 (except 0781-0783)

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
2800 - 3999 Manufacturing
88-- Private Households
9100 - 9799 Government/Legislative, Public Administration, etc.

News and Insights

Heading Into The New Year, Small Business Lending is Heading in The Right Direction
No, this past year did not bring the economic resurgence many small business owners were hoping for at the start of 2013. Consumers remain cautious, investors remain wary, and hiring has continued to ebb and flow. However, there was atleast one bright in all the economic data this past year, as the flow of small business loans continued to pick up speed in the wake of the recession. Read More

DisabilityFLEXSM Now Available for Customers with 10-49 Employees
The Hartford has expanded DisabilityFLEXSM, a new customizable voluntary disability product, to businesses with 10 to 49 employees. DisabilityFLEX allows employees to customize their income protection to their unique needs by deciding when the coverage kicks in, how much they receive, and how long the coverage lasts if they are unable to work due to an off-the-job injury or illness. Learn More

Our Centralized, Dedicated Team Provides End-to-End Service for Cases with Under 50 Employees
The Hartford's Small Business Center has expanded with the addition of a dedicated team — providing you with easy access to ongoing service for small business cases with 4-49 employees. Now the Small Business Center is your single-source for sales and service — your end-to-end solution.

We're Streamlining Customer Renewals
Our renewal process is being updated to reduce your workload: renewal letters will be distributed only when there's a rate change. Beginning with Q1 2014 renewal effective dates, your customers will be able to access renewal letters on Employer View. You'll receive advance notice of any proposed rate changes plus a copy of the customer renewal letter. It's a more streamlined, paper-free way to communicate and service these cases.

Partner Reward Program Now Includes Small Business (4-9)
The Hartford has expanded its 2013 Partner Rewards Program eligibility to include small business sales and renewals of employer groups with 4-9 lives with an effective date of 1/1/13. This program provides competitive compensation plans designed to recognize and reward broker and agent loyalty and partnerships. To learn more about this program contact a Hartford representative. 

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Through our new partnership with Newtek, we bring you and your clients access to a comprehensive suite of products and services for Small Businesses.

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Learn how you can stand out in small business with risk and absence reduction strategies:

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Contact the Small Business Center


M–F, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. ET

Presale Email:

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Workforce Safety & Absence Management

Workforce Safety & Absence Management

The Hartford’s small business services can help your clients identify workplace hazards, lower the risk of injuries, improve return to work experience and more.

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Educational Chalk Talks

Group Benefits Chalk Talk

These fun, educational videos can help demonstrate to employees the importance of life, disability and AD&D insurance.

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