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Free Home and Driving Safety Guides

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence has created helpful publications on topics ranging from family conversations about driving safety to home design ideas. Many were developed from research conducted jointly by the Center and the MIT AgeLab.

Car Safety Guides

You and Your Car: A Guide to Driving Wellness


This guidebook describes how drivers can stay safely on the road for a lifetime.


Your Road Ahead: A Guide to Comprehensive Driving Evaluations


This guidebook describes the benefits of having a comprehensive driving evaluation from an occupational therapist with specialized driver evaluation training.


At the Crossroads: Family Conversations about Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & Driving


This guidebook helps families determine when it’s time for loved ones with dementia to stop driving and helps them cope with driving cessation.



This guidebook is now available in Spanish. En la encrucijada: conversaciones familiares sobre la enfermedad de Alzheimer,demencia y conducción de automóviles.


At the Crossroads: The Support Group Leaders Kit on Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Driving


This kit is a four-session educational workshop for delivery by support group leaders to caregivers on dementia and driving.


We Need to Talk: Family Conversations with Older Drivers

We Need to Talk

This guidebook provides families with easy-to-use, practical information to help them plan ahead and initiate productive and caring conversations with older adults about driving safely.



This guidebook is now available in Spanish: Tenemos que hablar: conversaciones familiares con conductores de edad avanzada.


Your Road to Confidence: A Widow’s Guide to Buying, Selling and Maintaining a Car


This guidebook empowers widows to take control of their driving future and confidently buy, sell and maintain a car.

 Home Safety Guides

Modern Ideas, Modern Living: Taking the Next Step in Home Design and Planning for the Lifestyle You Want


This guidebook encourages you to think about the next step in your lifestyle and how to ensure that your home will fit you, and provides information to help you think through the options and talk with people who are important to you about these decisions.


Simple Solutions: Practical Ideas and Products to Enhance Independent Living


This guidebook features more than 200 simple design ideas and household products that can make your home more comfortable, convenient and safe.


It Could Happen to Me: Family Conversations about Disaster Planning


Natural disasters don't happen every day but, when they hit, the repercussions can be severe. Having a disaster plan can help to: prevent loss of life and reduce property damage, lessen your stress around recovery and rebuilding; and decrease the time it takes to get your life back in order.


The Calm Before the Storm: Family Conversations about Disaster Planning, Caregiving, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia


This publication helps caregivers better plan for natural disasters by talking to – and planning with – family, friends and others. It includes a variety of worksheets, checklists and helpful resources.


Fire Sense: A Smart Way to Prevent, Detect and Escape Home Fires.

Fire Sense 

Fire safety is not a one-time project. You must continually be on guard against the fire hazards in your home. This valuable booklet can help you and your family prevent, detect and escape home fires.


Expertise on Aging

The Hartford Center for Mature Market ExcellenceSM provides practical information to help people make decisions about driving and housing as they age.

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