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Job Posting Policy

Overview/Policy Statement
The Hartford is committed to providing the tools and processes that will enable employees to plan their careers. The preferred practice is to post available positions on JobConnect allowing visibility to job opportunities at The Hartford.

A key focus of The Hartford's overall business strategy is talent development. This policy enables The Hartford to compete effectively in the market place by:

  • Attracting the best-qualified candidates;
  • Filling open positions with qualified candidates in a timely, efficient manner; and
  • Promoting and supporting employee career development goals.

This policy applies to all active employees of The Hartford and its participating subsidiaries who are based at U.S. locations of the Hartford. You are eligible to post for an open position if you are:

  • Active in your current position for at least 12 months or you have manager approval to be released early; and
  • Rated successful or higher on your last performance review and not on written warning for attendance, behavior or performance within the last 90 days unless your manager receives approval from HR.

Temporary employees may post for internal positions in accordance with their specific program’s guidelines

Applying the Policy

Job Posting Practices

  • Our general practice is to post available positions on the job posting system for a minimum of 5 business days.
  • Any predetermined flexibility in the job requirements (e.g., qualifications, tier level, etc.) will be noted on the posting.
  • Any tier changes or significant modifications to job content will result in a re-posting of the position for a minimum of five business days unless an internal candidate was identified through our talent management or succession planning process. An internal employee who has not posted for a job may be contacted to assess interest in a position through our talent management and succession planning process.
  • A legitimate business reason may exist for not posting a position. This includes, but is not limited to: an identified/documented successor, a confidential search, reorganizations with closed selection, or a qualified candidate pool from a recent related search.

Role of the Manager & Employee

  • Applying for a new job is a three-way partnership between you, your manager, and the company, but your commitment is the most significant driver of career development.
  • Your manager plays an important role in supporting you as you consider your next move. Therefore, you are encouraged to notify your manager before you post for a new position.
  • If you are selected to interview for an internal position, you must notify your manager before the interview occurs. Legitimate business reasons may exist for preventing or postponing an employee’s move to another position.
  • Managers can support employees’ internal movement by clearly communicating strengths and development opportunities, assisting with exploring career interests through networking, and working with employees to identify opportunities that align with employees’ capabilities.
  • Managers are expected to share performance review feedback when a recruiter or hiring manager inquires.
  • Hiring managers and current managers should discuss and agree upon an employee’s timing and transition into a new role. Typically the transition period is two weeks, but due to legitimate business reasons, it may be longer.