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Meal And Rest/Break Periods

Overview/Policy Statement
Due to the considerable variation across states and business groups, one guideline for meal and rest/break periods does not exist. Where state requirements exist, The Hartford complies with all requirements and may provide a more generous practice based on business need (see links below for a description of state requirement).

Managers and employees are responsible for adherence to company policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

This policy is intended to support the state requirements regarding meal and rest/breaks, as well as individual business practices that define breaks.

This policy applies to all active non-exempt employees (both salaried and hourly) in U.S. locations of The Hartford and its participating subsidiaries.

Applying the Policy

  • Local management shall make employees aware of the meal and rest/break practices that exist within their specific business groups.
  • Rest breaks (other than meal periods) need not be recorded in the Timekeeping System.
  • Meal periods should be recorded in the Timekeeping system as required. (see Timekeeping information and Users Guides)
  • In certain areas where specific scheduled meal times are established and strictly adhered to for business reasons, non-exempt employees are reminded about the effect of late returns from meal breaks. (see the Tardiness Policy)
  • Employees should consult with their managers if they have questions about the meal or rest/break practice in their area.
  • In addition, employees may contact The Hartford HR Service at 1-877-HR-ATWORK.