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Junior Fire Marshal Program

Making Fire Safety
Education Fun

The Hartford's program provides
easy-to-use educational materials.

Teaching Children the Basics of Fire Safety

For more than 200 years, The Hartford has helped families remain safe and secure. That’s why The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal® program was created in 1947 - to teach fire safety education to kids and keep families safe.

Over the past 60 years, we've deputized more than 110 million Junior Fire Marshals.

Our signature red fire helmets have been proudly worn by generations of children who have learned the basics of fire safety through our innovative and educational program.

Parents, teachers, firefighters and community leaders continue to cite The Hartford's Junior Fire Marshal program as an important tool in keeping kids and families fire-safe. The program's fire safety curriculum is housed in an easy-to-use, turnkey kit.

Get the “Be Fire Safe” Kit

The Hartford's Junior Fire Marshal Be Fire Safe kit:

  • Teaches your children and students lifesaving lessons such as Stop, Drop, and Roll; Go Low in Smoke; Draw a Home Fire Escape Plan and more through fun, engaging and educational activities
  • Gives your children and students an awareness of their personal safety and the actions they can take to help protect themselves, their family and friends
  • Allows you to have meaningful and vital fire safety conversations with your children and students

We encourage you to share the Be Fire Safe kit with your children and students, because no household is free from the dangers of fire. That said, households can be prepared.

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About Us

The Hartford's Junior Fire Marshal® program provides easy-to-use children's fire safety education materials.

Adults can use the Junior Fire Marshal program educational materials to deputize Junior Fire Marshals. Fire helmets, badges and other materials can be ordered or downloaded through this site.

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