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Risk Management

Leveraging Experience
to Reduce Risk

Risk reduction and prevention starts
with working smarter and more effectively

At the Harford, managing risk has been our primary focus for more than 200 years. Because risk management always begins with a problem, our approach is to listen, understand and then tap our wealth of experience to customize solutions.

The Hartford's risk management capabilities are driven by our mission to help clients work smarter and more effectively. Our clients' problems become our problems, which is why we work collaboratively to find solutions. By addressing operational issues and sharing and applying technical expertise, we get to the heart of why losses occur. Our tailored claims service and technical engineering know-how allows us to execute thoughtful approaches to risk control and prevention. In addition, we also proactively share knowledge about how losses can be prevented.

Our risk management approach focuses on three core pillars – flexibility, transparency and consistency. Whether we are handling claims, rating plans or providing collateral options, we adapt to our clients' needs rather than relying on the convenience of a standard process. This approach is why some clients have relied on us for more than 60 years.

Supporting our risk management capabilities is a robust risk management information system, known as @Venture. @Venture, an online reporting tool, features dashboards, filters, email alerts, custom reports and coverage information at our clients' fingertips – all to help them make more informed decisions, operate more efficiently and focus on what matters most – running their businesses.

Helping Businesses Manage Risk

Businesses large and small can benefit from The Hartford’s technical expertise and technical training. Existing clients have access to a wealth of valuable resources within our risk-engineering portal.

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Managing Your Portfolio

Are you a small-business owner, contractor, healthcare provider or technology firm? The Hartford has a tool to manage your risk manage portfolio.