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U.S. Paralympics

Proudly Supporting
Our U.S. Paralympic
Team Athletes

Helping Athletes Train,
Compete and Win for 20 Years

In 2014, the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi were broadcast live on network television — giving viewers in the U.S. an unprecedented view of the competition.

This was an especially proud moment for us at The Hartford. Since 1994, we’ve supported the Paralympic movement in the U.S. with programs and funding that have helped introduce adaptive sports to thousands of disabled athletes — many of whom have gone on to compete in the Paralympic Games for Team USA.

The Hartford Team and U.S. Paralympics — Ability Philosophy in Action

U.S. Paralympic athletes personify The Hartford’s “Ability Philosophy,” grounded in the belief that people are defined by what they can do, not what they can’t. That’s why in 2003, The Hartford became a founding sponsor of U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

As inspirational role models, U.S. Paralympic athletes demonstrate through their deeds and dedication that it is possible to overcome physical disabilities to live an active, fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Their message: with the right support and resources, the heart, mind and body can accomplish great things.

What Defines You?

The Paralympic spirit is advanced not only by athletes with disabilities, but also by everyone who overcomes obstacles in their daily lives to achieve personal and business goals.

Inspiration through Perspiration

The athletes sponsored by The Hartford live the Ability Philosophy through their hard work, dedication and excellence.

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U.S. Paralympics

Learn more about the amazing athletes who strive each day for the honor of being a U.S. Paralympian and the right to compete with the world’s best.