Billing Frequency and Timing

The Hartford expects that counsel will submit legal invoices in a timely and regular basis, at least every 90 days from the time of assignment.

Untimely legal billing is subject to rejection, and the following guidance is provided:

  • Submitted legal invoices should be complete and include all work performed during the dates of service encompassed by the invoice between the earliest date of service and the last. Subsequent legal invoices should not include time entries that either pre-date or overlap prior invoice dates of service. Invoices or line items that "fill in" or supplement prior legal bills are not timely. Legal invoices that are submitted for dates of service that are earlier than prior invoices are similarly untimely.  
  • Legal bills should be submitted within 30 days of the last date of service on the invoice to be considered timely.
  • Final legal bills should be submitted within 60 days of the firm's final work. No charges for fees or disbursements will be honored if submitted more than 6 months after a claim has been closed by The Hartford.

Panel Counsel will be assessed on the timeliness of legal billing.