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Mobile tools

You’re on the go…and we’re right there with you
Hartford Mobile

The Hartford MobileTM App

Assistance is just a touch away:
  • Access our auto accident checklist
  • Collect and exchange driver and accident info, including accident photos
  • Reference handy roadside guides, like an interactive Emergency Kit Checklist 
  • Locate an auto repair facility from our national network of approved shops if you are interested in this option
  • Save and review accident history  
  • Find a replacement vehicle - new or used - and at a great price 
  • Get help for a cracked windshield through our national Glass Repair service - it's fast and convenient
  • Request help when you're stranded through our RESCUE 1-800 roadside services 
  • Store your vehicle and insurance information for quick and easy access
  • Special features for customers of The Hartford: express connect to our award-winning Claims Services to painlessly report an accident, as well as submit accident photos and notes.