Potential Meets Possibilities.

Welcome to Hartford Ventures®, the corporate venture capital division of The Hartford Financial Services Group. Here, we believe in the infinite potential of big ideas. The kind that challenge business as usual. Make us rethink what’s possible. And throw pre-existing notions out the window. At Hartford Ventures, we partner and invest in people with big ideas. To spawn a new generation of possibilities to transform insurance and wealth management. And move us ahead towards tomorrow—faster.

What We Do

Seizing opportunities to reach the future – faster.

Hartford Ventures is a corporate venture capital group focused on opportunities relevant to the insurance and wealth management industries. As the strategic investment arm of The Hartford Financial Services Group, we provide funding and support to promising entrepreneurs. While offering portfolio companies and co-investors the benefit of our unique industry perspective.

Through venture capital investments and long-term strategic partnerships, Hartford Ventures seeks to pursue growth and foster innovation. Our goal is to get The Hartford to the future, faster. To help individuals and businesses protect what they have today, prepare what they need for tomorrow and have the confidence to achieve what's ahead.

Our strategy

Hartford Ventures explores early and expansion stage opportunities that are strategically relevant to insurance and wealth management. Initial investments typically range from US $1M to US $3M and we prefer to co-invest with other VC firms. Board observer seats are also required to ensure our team has proper access and insight to add better value.

What sets Hartford Ventures apart
  • A dedicated corporate venture organization led by experienced investment professionals
  • Alignment with The Hartford’s well established industry brand
  • Access to a large distribution network in insurance and wealth management
  • Valuable insights and internal industry expertise from The Hartford

Focus Areas

New Products & Serices, New Business Models Enabling Technologies & Business Models, New Distribution Channels Security, Loss Prevention, Safety, Loss Control product innovation safety operating innovation Product innovation Safety Operating innovation
Our parent company

The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (NYSE: HIG) is a leading provider of insurance and wealth management services for millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. The Hartford is consistently recognized for its superior service, its sustainability efforts and as one of the world's most ethical companies. More information on the company and its financial performance is available at www.thehartford.com.

How to reach us

Hartford Ventures

Email: HartfordVentures2@thehartford.com
Phone: (860) 547-2455
Fax: (855) 347-4696

One Hartford Plaza
Hartford, CT 06155

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Please do not send confidential or proprietary information to any Hartford Ventures' address. Hartford Ventures does not accept unsolicited confidential or proprietary information from third parties. All such information sent to any Hartford Ventures' email or mailing address will be destroyed unreviewed.

If you submit an unsolicited non-proprietary and non-confidential business plan or executive summary to Hartford Ventures, an investment professional will review the material and will contact you if the plan or summary is of interest to Hartford Ventures. If the plan or summary is not of interest, the materials will be destroyed. Please do not seek to contact Hartford Ventures for an update on the status of submitted materials.