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Five Tips to Help Increase Gas Mileage

These tips from the U.S. Department of Energy can help you save money — and help keep you and your passengers safer on the road. Full Story

Take a Defensive Driving Class

A defensive driving course covers age-related changes that can affect driving, such as changes to vision, strength and reflexes. Full Story

Car Safety Features

Manufacturers have designed new safety features to avoid crashes and/or protect you and your passengers if a crash occurs. Full Story

The Dangers of Night Driving

Traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day. Yet many people are unaware of the special hazards of night driving. Full Story

Green Driving Tips That Help Your Wallet

You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a hybrid to drive green. Full Story

Be Prepared with a Car Emergency Kit

You hope you'll never need it, but having a road emergency kit is great for those long trips (just in case). Full Story

Young Passengers are Vulnerable to Injury

Because their heads are heavier than adults’ in relation to their bodies, unrestrained young children are likely to be thrown forward headfirst in collisions – and head injuries are usually very serious. Full Story

10 Tips for Safer Winter Driving

When snow and ice hits, make sure you and your car are prepared by following some basic winter driving safety tips. Full Story

Selecting a Safe Car

How can you tell how safe a car really is? Both the federal government and private organizations review various aspects of car safety and conduct various crash tests. Full Story

Maintenance Tips Help You Get Top Dollar at Trade-In

Maintaining your car properly can help you get top dollar when you're ready to trade it in. Full Story

Tips for a Safe Commute

Here are a few commuting safety tips you can consider to help you experience a drive with fewer interruptions. Full Story

Exercise & Safe Driving

Learn more about how exercise may contribute to a more positive driving experience.

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Useful articles on living well, protecting you and your family and getting the most out of life.

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