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On December 4, 2017, The Hartford announced it signed an agreement to sell Talcott Resolution,* its life and annuity business, to a group of investors. On May 31, 2018, the sale was successfully completed and Talcott Resolution has separated from The Hartford and become an independent, stand-alone insurance company.
Talcott Resolution will continue to administer your annuity. We have created a new website that has a new and different look and feel. You may continue to access annuity contract-specific information via this page until mid-August. After mid-August, we will begin redirecting you to our new website.
Read more about the completion of the sale:

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* Talcott Resolution consists of Talcott Resolution Life, Inc., a holding company for a group of insurance and non-insurance subsidiaries that administers life and annuity products previously sold or acquired. These insurance companies include Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company, Talcott Resolution Life and Annuity Insurance Company, American Maturity Life Insurance Company and Talcott Resolution International Life Reassurance Corporation.
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