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Updated 08:54 PM EST, Mon November 19, 2018

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Why Get Online Business Insurance

Online business insurance is a convenient way to buy essential coverages that can help protect your business. You can get quotes, compare rates and learn about the coverages that can benefit your business without leaving your seat.
Something as simple as an inch of water leaked into your office can create thousands of dollars of property damage. And liability claims are more common than ever. These can cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Make sure you’re protecting your business.
General Liability Insurance is one of the most common and essential coverages you can get for your business. This coverage helps protect your business from the potentially devastating costs of common liability claims. These can include third-party slip and fall accidents, claims by others of property damage and claims made against your business for advertising injury.
For example, a client is walking through an accounting house and slips on some loose carpet. The client falls and injures his hip. He makes a claim against the accounting firm for the cost of his medical bills and for his lost wages during the time he missed work. The accounting firm’s General Liability Insurance policy can help cover the costs of this claim.
Without a General Liability Insurance policy, the accounting firm may have to pay the cost of this claim out-of-pocket. Few businesses, especially small businesses, are able to manage the costs of a significant liability claim without insurance. One thing to note is that General Liability Insurance does not cover the cost of claims made against your business for errors in the services you provide. That is covered under a different type of insurance.
Professional Liability Insurance is the coverage you need to help protect yourself from the costs of claims that mistakes or omissions were committed while performing your professional duties. For example, a marketing firm creates a campaign for a restaurant franchise. The restaurant franchise launches the marketing campaign and their sales tank. The restaurant franchise makes a claim against the marketing firm. They say that the firm recommended marketing strategy that resulted in a significant loss of sales. The marketing firm’s Professional Liability Insurance policy could help cover the costs of this claim.
Commercial Auto Insurance is an essential coverage if you or your employees drive for work purposes. This policy helps cover the costs of claims made against you or your employees if you are involved in an accident while driving for work. For example, a landscaping employee rear-ends another vehicle while driving to a job site in a company truck. The other driver makes a claim for damages and injuries. The landscaping company’s Commercial Auto Insurance can help cover the costs of these claims.
If you or your employees drive for work purposes then you are probably required by state law to have this coverage.
Another insurance coverage that is required in most states is Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If your business has employees then you’ll most likely need this coverage. Workers’ Comp helps provide benefits to employees who become injured or ill as a result of doing their job. In the unfortunate event that an employee dies because of a work-related injury or illness, this coverage can provide benefits to the employee’s family or beneficiaries. Typically, these benefits help pay for the cost of necessary medical procedures and wages lost while the employee is out of work due to their work related illness or injury. Coverage may also be available to cover training of employees who are returning to work to take on different roles than they held before their injury or illness.
And if a covered accident damages your business property, Commercial Property Insurance can help cover those costs. For example, if a storm knocks a large tree branch onto your business’s roof, Commercial Property Insurance can help cover the costs to repair or replace what was damaged.
If it seems overwhelming to manage multiple business insurance policies. Consider a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP combines General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance and Business Income Insurance into one convenient policy. Instead of managing these three coverages separately, you have one convenient contract and pay bills for just one policy as well. You can also customize your BOP to address the unique risks facing your business by choosing from a broad list of optional coverages that can be added to a Business Owner’s Policy from The Hartford.

Online Business Insurance Services

Compare Online Business Insurance Quotes

Shopping for online business insurance is easy. You can compare quotes, rates, coverages and get reviews from the convenience of wherever you are able to get on the internet. The Hartford has made this process even easier with a streamlined online quoting option. Once you decide to buy, you’re connected to a business insurance specialist. They can further assist you and help answer your questions.

How to Get an Online Certificate of Insurance

If you plan on doing business with larger companies, then you’ll likely need to show a certificate of insurance. This assures the larger business that you have the coverage you need to ensure your business is able to meet its obligations in case of a covered event. The Hartford makes it simple for you to provide a certificate of insurance. The process is easy and we usually verify coverage within hours.

What Options Are Available for Online Payments?

The Hartford offers convenient online billing solutions. You can also choose to pay an annual or monthly premium for most coverages. Typically, those who choose to pay their annual premiums up front will see lower overall premium rates for their business insurance coverages.

What Is the Difference Between Online Bill Pay and Express Pay?

Both online solutions are incredibly convenient. Online Bill Pay requires you to log in to your account. From there, you can access other account features. Online Express Pay offers the ability to pay your bill online without having to log in. Simply go to Express Pay (no login required) in our Online Business Service Center. Enter your Policy or Bill Account Number, Billing Zip Code, Email Address and hit “Continue.” You’ll then be able to choose the amount you want to pay and your payment method.

Does The Hartford Offer a Paperless Option?

Yes, our Online Business Service Center makes it easy to go paperless. You’ll receive bills via email and be able to pay your bills online. Signup is easy. Log in to the online Business Service Center. Click “My Profile.” Under the document delivery section, click “Go Paperless.”

Top 3 Reasons to Get an Online Business Insurance Quote From The Hartford

The Hartford’s online business insurance quote experience offers:
  1. Speed
  2. Customization
  3. A great lineup of coverages to choose from.
Within minutes you’ll receive a customized online quote based on the unique information you provided about your business. Our broad array of coverages makes it easy for you to tailor solutions specifically to your business needs. And our experienced specialists are always ready to assist you – get a quote today and find out how The Hartford can help you protect your business.

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