Commercial Umbrella Insurance: What You Need to Know


Commercial umbrella insurance is often called umbrella liability insurance. Its primary purpose is to give your business added protection from potentially ruinous lawsuits and accidents. It serves as a backstop to other policies, including General Liability, filling in when other coverages have reached their limits.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance: What Is It? Do You Need It?

These are some of the most compelling reasons for having a commercial umbrella insurance policy:

  • Provides increased financial protection from unexpected risks
  • Generally enables you to expand your coverage limits on several policies through one umbrella policy
  • May cover additional liabilities not covered by your other commercial policies
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Increase Your Protection When Lawsuits Max Out

Commercial umbrella insurance often pays for legal costs associated with a lawsuit—and frequently serves as a safety net when other liability policy limits have been exhausted in satisfying judgments and settlements.

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Commercial Auto, General Liability or Other Insurances

Commercial umbrella insurance can be used to supplement your coverage under:

  • Commercial Auto insurance
  • General Liability insurance
  • But typically, Commercial Umbrella will not cover losses associated with Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions insurance policies
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Commercial Umbrella Insurance - Surprisingly Affordable

Because other underlying policy limits are used first, commercial umbrella coverage is generally cheaper than traditional first-dollar liability insurance.

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