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    Game Plan

    How to Establish a Culture of Creativity

    A small business that doesn’t continually innovate runs the risk of falling behind. So be sure to cultivate a creative organization that is encouraged—and possibly incentivized—to look for new opportunities, find ways to become more efficient, and find new ways to promote your products and services.

    Encourage them to stay current on your industry—and your customers—by subscribing to industry publications, attending webinars, taking continuing education courses, etc. They should understand and use best practices in your profession.

    Collaboration is critical. It means more than just assembling a task force, assigning responsibilities and reporting back to you. A well-assembled team should be more agile, creative, efficient and productive than the sum of its members.

    Game PlanGame Plan

    Game Plan

    Actively seek out employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and whose respective talents and viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses will complement each other’s.

    • Challenge your team with projects designed to transform their knowledge into fresh business ideas.
    • Ask for feedback from employees, and remember to actively seek their opinions and insights.
    • Regularly provide access to educational seminars related to your industry through business associations or community groups.