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    Game Plan

    Make Green Routine

    Green initiatives shouldn’t simply be tacked on to your business processes. To be truly effective on a long-term basis—both for your business and for the world—green thinking needs to be incorporated into your company culture at every stage. When you view all aspects of your business through a green lens, you acknowledge and energize the role businesses play in pushing social change.

    The business advantages are quantifiable, and include:

    • Legal compliance and tax credits. You may be able to claim tax credits for using renewable energy, such as solar. Many states, such as California, have strict emissions standards and green initiatives can keep your business in compliance.
    • Save money. Becoming more energy efficient reduces waste and saves money by lowering operating costs. The greener you become, the more you can save, and the savings really add up over time.
    • Healthier workplace. Green initiatives such as eco-friendly cleaning supplies can improve the workplace for employees who may be concerned about long-term health issues. Aside from the physical health improvements, an actively green workplace pays emotional dividends, too. Employees feel proud that they are contributing to environmental improvement every day they come to work.
    • Public Perception. Studies have shown that eco-friendly companies enjoy increased sales and customer loyalty. All things being equal, consumers prefer to do business with companies that demonstrate social responsibility and show they are trying to improve life, not just chase profits.
    • Planet stewardship. The direct savings to your business is reason enough to go green. Add in the importance of taking care of the planet by not wasting natural resources, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn your business green.