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  • Risk Management for Small Medical and Allied Health Practices
    Game Plan

    Medical Property and Professional Liability

    Medical facilities have unique property liabilities stemming from the potentially dangerous and/or infectious materials that may be on site. Damage from severe weather, electrical outages, and criminal break-ins could endanger the public health in addition to your business survival.

    Beyond all the physical assets, your medical expertise and that of your staff is the most valuable asset for the organization. If people can’t perform due to health or disability issues, your business will suffer.

    Mitigation Measures

    • Get insurance. At a minimum, it is prudent for any small business to have a Business Owner’s Policy. However, because there are unique risks that come with industries in the medical field, healthcare professionals would be wise to consider additional coverages, such as property insurance for healthcare facilities.
    • Be sure you and your employees are suitably covered with health insurance, disability coverage, and other important employee benefits.

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