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    Game Plan

    Merging Company Cultures

    Few business changes are as earth-shaking as a merger or acquisition of companies. In addition to the obvious operational and financial issues a merger or acquisition can raise, entire cultures must be fluidly fused. It fails at least as often as it succeeds.

    Historically the most effective way to address company culture after a merger is to start anew. (That can be a real challenge when a large company acquires a small one.) When a diverse cross-section of employees and managers from two very different workplace cultures come together, you could be asking for trouble—and risk alienating an already skittish staff—if one set of employees is forced to acclimate to another’s HR practices.

    Game PlanGame Plan

    Game Plan

    Resolve to treat the freshly merged company as a brand new entity, taking care not to favor one company’s culture over the other company’s culture. Create a brand new one, and it can potentially improve on both existing cultures and engender much-needed goodwill going forward.