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  • How to Figure Out Your Own Compensation
    Game Plan

    Pay Yourself Based on Industry Standards



    • It’s better for you financially. By receiving a full salary or one close to industry norms, you make less of a sacrifice now.
    • It prepares the company for the future, rather than protecting it. Your company could have less of an adjustment when it becomes more profitable and would be expected to pay a higher salary.


    • It could be financially draining for the company. The first goal for your company is to survive. After the first year or two, you can focus on building and growing.
    • Unrealistic expectations. It could be unrealistic to expect a new startup company to pay ‘industry-norm’ salaries.
    Deciding FactorDeciding Factor

    deciding factor

    Is it important for you to send a signal to investors and/or colleagues or peers about your level of compensation?

    Game PlanGame Plan

    Game Plan

    Next steps:

    • Talk with industry peers, including any other CEOs of start-ups whom you know, to learn about standards and norms.
    • Find more about industry standards for salaries at
    • Read about the topic of CEO compensation of start-up companies. Good sources include
    • Talk with your accountant as needed for financial and tax guidance.