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    Game Plan

    Retaining Top Performers

    A common misconception about top-performing employees is that they’re so confident in their abilities that they need little positive reinforcement. Another misconception is that raises and promotions are more important to them. Well, that’s not necessarily so. As it turns out, your superstars need and are positively affected by softer rewards.

    A simple compliment can work wonders. So do tokens of appreciation such as cards, e-greetings and—if a company wants to take a step up—employee recognition and rewards strategies, such as “pick a gift from the online catalog” programs.

    According to a Society for Human Resource Management study, 26 percent of employees felt satisfied with recognition for job performance and 48 percent rated it as very important.

    Game PlanGame Plan

    Game Plan

    Begin a “listening tour” to determine what rewards might be most appropriate for your top performers. Conduct informal interviews with your company’s leaders, your highest-achieving employees, and even with peers from other firms.