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Financing Your Business Transition


Determining Your Business’s Market Value

Ready to sell your business? First, determine what it’s worth and then decide who to sell it to: 1) another company, 2) your employees, or 3) your family members?

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Option 1: Sell to Another Company

Sell the business and walk away.

  • High potential profit
  • Possible bidding war
  • Potential synergies
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Option 2: Sell to Your Employees Through an ESOP

Among other benefits, the business lives on when employees take ownership.

  • Continuity
  • Simple and easy sale
  • Tax advantages
  • Employee commitment & productivity
  • Flexible terms
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Option 3: Sell to Your Family

Keep the business going, and in the family.

  • Familiarity, easy
  • Continuity
  • Flexible terms possible
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