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Evaluating Your Company’s Market Value


You can’t sell your business without knowing your asking price. But even if you’re not planning to sell in the near future, it’s a good idea to periodically go through the exercise of valuation— determining your company’s market value - particularly if your goal is that your business continues to thrive, even without you. Think of the process as a means toward ensuring your company’s profitability and marketability.

Determining Your Company’s Value

To do this right, you’ll probably need to secure the services of a professional business appraiser.

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Optimizing Your Company's Value

If you’re considering putting your business up for sale, you should first clean up your balance sheet.

  • Tie up all the loose ends, including any with debtors and the IRS.
  • Make sure your financial statements are easy to follow, particularly cash flow figures.
  • Sell off assets and inventory that aren’t generating revenue.
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Setting a Price—and a Deal Structure

Getting a precise valuation is just part of the story. The terms of the transaction may be a key component in getting the price you want.

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