Communications Companies

Who We Serve

Mid-to-large size communications companies.

Our Appetite

  • Radio and TV Broadcasters
  • Cable and Other Pay Television Services
  • Motion Picture and Video Tape Production
  • Services Allied to Motion Picture Production
  • Motion Picture Theaters
  • Publishers

Our Solution

  • Comprehensive Business Personal Property coverage, including fine arts, rare and valuable property, and business equipment breakdown
  • Electronic vandalism coverage to protect equipment from viruses, and cyber liability to cover for notification and defense expenses from data breach events
  • High limits for Accounts Receivable at unnamed premises and while in transit
  • Tenant coverage for building improvements, window glass repairs and office damage as a result of theft
  • Built-in Waiver of Subrogation (WOS) and Additional Insured clauses in GL Choice® help firms meet contractual obligations without having to request additional endorsements
  • General Liability coverage for liability and property damage resulting from objects falling from towers
  • Coverage for injury or damage occurring during setup, operation or dismantling of media equipment during remote operations
  • Industry leading Workers’ Compensation broad form and practice, including ergonomics evaluation and return-to-work program
  • Commercial Auto Broad Form endorsement at no additional cost
  • Inland Marine
  • International coverage on The Hartford’s paper
  • Umbrella

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Tailored and relevant coverages for communications companies
  • Broad and open appetite
  • National presence
  • Communications industry team to provide industry experience and guidance

Who To Contact

Contact your local Hartford rep or email us at