Consultants & Other Professionals

The Hartford Professional Choice Liability Policy®


  • Consultants – all types of business consultants, including: administrative services, business communication consultants, economic/market research, corporate trainers, management consultants, marketing consultants, operational/strategic planning consultants
  • Media services companies – advertising agencies, graphic design firms, marketing companies, public relations firms,
  • Third-party administrators – claims handling, enrollment services, customer service
  • Trustees – beneficiary or liquidation
  • Other classes – answering services/call centers, arbitrators/mediators, auctioneers, electronic data processors,  process servers, staffing/employment agencies, travel agents
This policy protects against the errors and/or omissions that may arise from the professional services provided for clients and other third parties. These errors could range from a misrepresentation in a multimillion dollar advertising campaign, to an oversight in the recommendations provided for a multinational corporate restructuring.

Excluded Classes

Medical professionals, accountants, architects & engineers, collection agencies, construction managers, freight forwarders, law firms, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, title insurance companies.