Resources for Nonprofits

Private Choice PremierSM for Nonprofit Organizations

*Effective 4/1/17
Target: A broad range of not for profit organizations (excluding, e.g., healthcare, condo/HOA and churches) will qualify for one or more coverage parts.
Nonprofit organizations are not sheltered from management liability exposures. No matter the precautions taken there’s risk inherent in everyday operations. To help address this risk, The Hartford offers a modular product with up to five coverage parts as part of Private Choice Premier:SM
  • Wage and hour defense cost coverage
  • Third party EPL
  • Defense outside limits
  • Crisis management public relations expense coverage
  • Cyber breach expense coverage
  • Workplace violence expense coverage
  • Specified fines and penalties coverage
  • And much more

Flexible Coverage That Works

Private Choice Premier offers the flexibility to customize policies. It's possible to:
  • Elect anywhere between one through five coverage parts
  • Purchase a separate limit for each liability coverage part, or a single aggregate limit for all liability coverage parts
  • Select different limits for each coverage part

Who We Serve

A wide range of nonprofit organizations, including:
  • Adult recreation
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Collector groups
  • Community organizations
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Foundations and public charities
  • Fraternal organizations (non-collegiate)
  • Libraries (non-public officials)
  • Museums and historical societies
  • Performing arts organizations
  • Social service organizations
  • Trade and professional associations
  • Youth sports

Our Appetite – Ineligible Classes

  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Condo and homeowner associations
  • Country clubs
  • Healthcare (*this may be considered on our healthcare form)
  • Labor unions
  • Political organizations
  • Schools and universities

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