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We understand the unique needs of today’s Technology companies, and offer holistic, industry-specific coverage for businesses of all sizes.

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Technology is integral to the operation of most businesses. When technology fails, the financial impact can be significant. Who pays?

Failsafe® Overview

The Hartford’s suite of FailSafe® professional & cyber risk policies is designed to address the broad array of coverage needs for technology businesses.

FailSafe® Coverage Analyzer

Breaches can leave your client with a host of expenses. Data privacy laws require companies to protect personally identifiable information; network intrusions can lead to business downtime & data loss.

FailSafe® First Party Coverage Overview

First Party Privacy & Cyber Extortion Claim Scenarios

FailSafe can solve for the professional and cyber risks of technology companies of all sizes – from startups, to multinationals. Complete one of our consultative applications and contact your agent today.

FailSafe MEGA®New Business Application

FailSafe MEGA® Renewal Application

FailSafe GIGA® & TERA® Countrywide Application

FailSafe Cyber Information Risk Supplement – a supplemental cyber assessment to help further enhance your cyber risk profile

Here are examples of wrongful acts that can occur for technology companies that may result in claim and indemnity expenses.

Third Party Professional Liability Claim Scenarios