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The Hartford can design and implement an integrated absence management program for employers with 500 or more employees.

Our Appetite

Employers seeking an absence program provided by a single carrier.

Insurance Solution

THPA, a single-source absence management solution, is comprised of four products and services: Workers' Compensation, Short Term Disability – Insured or ASO, Long Term Disability – Insured, and Leave Management. THPA features include:

  • Single intake process with one phone number to report a Workers' Compensation or Disability claim or to request a leave of absence.
  • System-supported leave management process to automatically identify certain corresponding federal, state or employer-specific leaves that might apply to an absence.
  • Automatic initiation of the STD process when a Workers' Compensation claim is denied.
  • Transition of Workers' Compensation lost-time claims to LTD when applicable.
  • Automated transfer of claims data to the Leave Management system to initiate the associated leave.
  • Consolidated claim and leave management reporting.
  • Transactional reports, including data on new leaves, open leave inventory, estimated returns-to-work, closed leaves, leave status and time used.
  • For larger accounts, Productivity Analysis and Outcomes provides a detailed analysis of claim and leave trends.

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Bottom line: Vendor consolidation, relief from administering multiple leaves and reduced risk of benefit overpayments and other duplicate claims costs.
  • Productivity: Strategies focused on loss prevention and mitigation, and industry-leading return-to-work programs.
  • Improved compliance: Administration of multiple leaves based on complex and changing leave legislation.
  • Consolidated reporting and analytics: Measurement of program effectiveness, identification of trends/issues and help managing day-to-day absences.
  • Simplicity: One call starts the management process for multiple types of leaves.

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