Business Insurance Coverage Checkup

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You’re well on your way to ensuring that you have the proper protection for your business. If you’d like to change any of your answers, you can do it now. Based on your responses to these checkup questions, the next best step is to either print your checkup now or click Send & Save to start a conversation with your agent.

Coverage Basics Icon

These questions can help you identify how changes you’ve made in the way you do business can impact your insurance needs.

Has the name of your business changed?
Have you restructured your business -- for example, changed it into a corporation, LLC, or added a DBA (doing business as)?
Has your business added or eliminated owners, partners or officers?

Has your business model changed? For example:

Are you offering new, improved or enhanced products or services?
Have you changed how you deliver your products and services?
Has your business stopped offering any products or services?
Has your business added any new locations?
Has your business closed or moved any locations?
Has your business mailing address changed?

Liability Coverage Icon

As your business grows or matures, you could be held legally responsible for more than you ever expected. Find out if you have critical liability coverage gaps.

Has there been any increase or decrease in your company's payroll or sales?
Have you signed any new contracts with customers, subcontractors, or suppliers?
Have you updated your company website or has your company changed how it's using social media?

Property Coverage Icon

Have you added (or sold) locations, made physical improvements to your business, or even upgraded your equipment? Answering these questions could help you determine whether you have gaps in your business property coverage.

Do you own the building your business is located in?
Have you installed an alarm, fire, or security system to help protect your business?
Have you reviewed how much it would cost to replace your building in the last 12 months?
Have you purchased or sold any business-related property this year -- or made any significant improvements or additions?
Are you planning to purchase or lease any new business-related property?
Have you upgraded your communications and/or computer networks?

Employee CoverageIcon

Have you hired or let-go of employees? Are your employees travelling more for business? Workforce shifts could cause coverage issues, so answer these questions to see if you’re covered.

Has your company's payroll increased or decreased?
Have you added employees or reduced your workforce in the last year?
Do you have employees who regularly work from home?
Do you use subcontractors, volunteers or interns?
Do you or your employees travel to other states or foreign countries for work?

Business Automobile Icon

Any changes to your fleet—including rental or personal vehicles—could mean it’s time to update your business’s automobile coverage.

Have you added or eliminated vehicles in your business fleet?
Are you using your business-related vehicles more or less than last year?
Do you or your employees use personal vehicles for business?
Do you or your employees regularly rent vehicles for business use?
Have you reviewed your automotive policy's liability limits in the last year?
Have you reviewed your automotive policy's deductibles in the last year?

Other Coverage Icon

Has your business become more vulnerable to weather emergencies or power outages? Do you have an employee benefits program? Answer these questions to see if you have the right protection.

I'm interested in coverage to protect me if…

I need to close down because my business loses power, phone, internet or water service. (Off Premises Utility Services coverage)
My business is impacted because a third party cuts off supplies to me due to a direct property loss. (Dependent Properties coverage)
One of my largest customers stops doing business during an emergency because of a direct property loss. (Dependent Properties coverage)
I lose income because the internet site my business depends on is compromised. (Electronic Vandalism coverage)
My business can't generate the same level of income after recovering from a loss. (Extended Business Income coverage)
Sensitive information about my employees or customers (including social security, credit and banking numbers) is lost or stolen. (Data Breach coverage)
I'm sued by an employee for discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination. (Employment Practices Liability coverage)
Someone makes an error in administering my employee's benefits. (Employee Benefits Liability coverage)
I suffer financial loss because an employee steals money, securities or other business-related property. (Employee Dishonesty coverage)
My business computers, data systems and software need to be replaced because of a virus, power surge, or other issue. (Computers & Media coverage)
I'm sued by an employee who gets into an accident while running a business-related errand. (Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage)
I am sued and my business owner's policy limits are not enough to cover a settlement or judgment against me. (Umbrella coverage)