Data Breach Insurance

Helping You Prevail—Before, During and After a Breach

Whether it affects 10 customer records or 10,000, a data breach is a big deal. But The Hartford’s comprehensive data breach program—an optional add-on to your Spectrum® business owner’s policy—helps prepare and protect your business with:

  • Access to tools and resources, through The Hartford Cyber Center to help you reduce the likelihood of a breach and the impact to your business if one occurs
  • Notification assistance to prepare and send notification letters on your behalf, helping to ensure you’re in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Breach response services to help contain the breach, assess its severity, restore your business’s reputation and, if warranted, provide credit monitoring for impacted customers
  • Various coverage limits for any civil awards, settlements and judgments that you’re legally obligated to pay as the result of a breach

There's No Such Thing
as a Small Data Breach

On average, each record that’s impacted in a data breach could cost your business $1881 for things like credit monitoring services, customer communications, expert investigations and legal fees. But the monetary cost is only the beginning. You may also have to deal with:

  • Navigating 51 different laws governing 50 separate jurisdictions
  • Sending notifications to affected customers and government agencies
  • Losing the hard-earned trust of your customers, patients or employees
  • Attempting to rebuild your business’s damaged reputation

Data Breach by the Numbers

The numbers don't lie—for small businesses, data breaches are difficult to discover and potentially difficult to recover from when they occur.


of small business owners don’t think a breach would impact their business2

doughnut chart


of small business owners believe a breach would cost them money to notify customers and employees2

doughnut chart


of data breaches investigated in 2012 were from organizations with fewer than 100 employees3

doughnut chart


of data breaches investigated weren’t discovered for months or even years3

doughnut chart