Workers’ Compensation Insurance

More than a Safety Net for Insured Workers, a Network of Care

Your place of work is more than a place where people work – it’s where friendships are made, and where everyone learns to rely upon each other. So, when one of your own gets injured on the job, how you handle it can mean all the difference to your employees, and your business. It’s why so many businesses work with The Hartford.

Following a workplace injury, the Harford’s Workers’ Compensation program provides your employees with access to a network of professionals, from the very first phone call. They’ll work with an experienced Nurse Case Manager who has years of in-depth medical experience. We’ll make sure your employees have access to:

  • A Nationwide Network of more than 500,000 doctors
  • Dedicated professionals, highly experienced in treating workplace injuries
  • More than 53,000 Pharmacies who will fill prescriptions, usually without any out-of-pocket expenses

Changing the Way Workers’ Comp Works

The Hartford’s unique Team Work, Return To Work Program provides a coordinated approach to an injured employee’s treatments, emotional and physical well-being. Working with employers, claims handlers, and specialists, our Nurse Case Managers put together a plan that can help return injured workers to the job sooner:

  • Up to a full week earlier than average
  • 50% are back to work within 36 days

Saving The Bottom Line from Slips and Falls and Other Dangers.

The Hartford Workers’ Compensation programs not only help employees recover sooner, but help companies mend their losses and protect profits. We have programs that help control costs, mitigate risks, and prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

  • Our Risk Engineering Consultants can help identify workplace risks and prevent injuries
  • Industrial Hygienists are able to evaluate workplace health issues
  • Special initiatives like our Slip Resistant Shoe Program, to help employees avoid trips and falls
  • Xact Pay, a pay as you go Workers’ Compensation option that helps ease an employer’s cash flow

Prevail With The Hartford’s Workers’ Compensation

How you handle an injured worker can be the difference between low morale, loss of productivity and faltering quality, or your ability to keep your business on the right track. The Hartford's Workers' Compensation program sets a new standard for value, innovation and injured worker care.