Customer Claims Philosophy

Dedication to excellence, proven results.

The customers who trust The Hartford for their employee benefits solutions feel confident that their employees are receiving an impeccable claims and service experience. In fact, 95% of our claimants say they are completely satisfied with their experience.1
We’ve been serving customers and claimants since 1963, and our customer support teammates average more than 13 years of experience helping customers -- so rest assured that any claim your employees make will be handled with our focused attention to detail, accuracy and sensitivity. And in order to remain at the forefront of our industry, we strive to continuously improve our offerings and claims management in order to provide customers and their employees the best coverage and most helpful, efficient and compassionate customer service in the business.

Claims Excellence

These are just some of the benefits you and your employees can expect when The Hartford handles your group benefits claims:
Quick response time  With over 2 million calls received each year, the average answer speed is 29.1 seconds.2
Short turnaround  Most of our Short Term Disability (STD) decisions are made within the first 36 hours of filing. 88 percent of STD claims are promptly paid within 10 business days from the first notice of the claim2.
Shorter absence durations  Our Ability approach and return-to-work coordinators have helped employees return to productivity nearly 8 days sooner than initially estimated by their physicians.2 Disability absences can be 7 percent shorter than with traditional intake.3
Medical expertise from day one - Nurses with an average 20 years of experience handle claims at intake and, when necessary, will work directly with an employee’s physician to help ensure the best outcome.
Our upfront investment pays off  Our clinical staff invests more time in the initial interview than most other benefits providers to ensure your employees have the best claims experience.
Less back-and-forth for the claimant In the time it would take to forward a claim to an examiner, we already have the medical data and have provided clinical guidance.
Dedicated short-term disability professionals – Our experienced professionals help ensure that the transition back to work is as safe and as timely as possible.
Seamless transitions from short-term to long-term disability  Our minimal paperwork process helps ease the process for employees and employers.
Social Security benefits approval  In 2014, 97.4 percent of our long-term disability claimants, disabled for two years or more, were approved for Social Security benefits, well over the national industry average of 63 percent.3
The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including issuing companies Hartford Life Insurance Company and Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. Home Office is Hartford, CT.”
1IBourget Research Group, Claimant Satisfaction Surveys, 2003-2008. Percentage represents unweighted combination of LTD and STD claimant responses of “completely” or “mostly” satisfied. Gfk Claimant Satisfaction Survey, 2009-2014.
2Internal Hartford data for disability claims, 2014.
3Based on total referrals excluding people who already have representation, have already been awarded, or die.

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