Prevention & Intervention

Prevention and Intervention: Where Workforce Management Begins

We apply the approach used in our Workers’ Compensation area for decades, evaluating risks in the workplace and the workforce, designing a plan to improve those risks and supporting our Employer partners in implementing the right solutions.
Our Consultants visit the worksite, interact with your employees and apply a health, safety & prevention focus which can benefit your entire organization. Consultative Services include:
  • Job Analysis: Comprehensive documentation of core jobs for return-to-work (RTW) or job accommodation discussions.
  • Ergonomic Evaluation: Evaluation of a worker’s job set-up, postures, motions/movements and suggested improvements.
  • Workplace Assessment: Review of the work environment, jobs and practices to identify safe and effective ways to for employee to perform their work.
  • Train-the-Trainer Education: Classroom training and live application provided on ergonomic evaluations and/or safety programs.
Through interviews and observations, we complete an assessment of your organization’s absence management capabilities. A summary report provides your team with a “report card” along with best practice recommendations.
Focus Areas include:
  • Business Culture
  • ADA Preparedness
  • RTW Programs
  • Job Descriptions
  • Ergonomic Services
  • Health & Wellness Resources
Our Employee Advocacy Program1 provides proactive absence health and wellness support to employees who are covered by our disability insurance and/or leave management services. Here’s how it works:
An Employee Advocate Coordinator
  • Proactively reaches out to employees based on diagnoses and/or leave patterns
  • Discusses in detail all available health and wellness programs offered through the employer and/or The Hartford
  • Provides a range of referral and administrative support
  • Conducts follow-up conversations with claimants to help ensure their participation
Services provided include:
  • Return-to-work assistance
  • Leave Advice
  • Links to existing health and wellness benefits and support services (ex., disease management, healthy mom/healthy baby, EAP services, etc.)
1 This service is available to employers for a per-employee, per-month fee
This service gives employees access to administrative and clinical professionals for assistance with health-related questions and concerns, including care options, benefits and cost estimates. There is no additional cost for this service for employees covered under The Hartford’s Disability or Critical Illness insurance or Leave Management Services.
2 HealthChampionSM is offered through The Hartford by ComPsych® Corporation. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services. The Hartford is not responsible and assumes no liability for the goods and services provided by ComPsych.
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