Short Term General Liability

Short-Term General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance helps protect your business from property damage, bodily injury, and personal or advertising injury claims. Short-term general liability insurance helps protect your business from the same liabilities, only for a short time period. This could be an event your company throws, or a larger gathering you host.
Your short-term general liability insurance will not be a long-term policy commitment. Most commonly, they are used for one-day or consecutive-day special events.

What Does Short-Term General Liability Insurance Cover?

Short-term general liability insurance can be used in everyday situations or for big events. Situations it is commonly used for include:
  • Weddings. For example, say a kitchen fire breaks out during your wedding. Your short-term liability insurance can help cover the cost of the damages.
  • Anniversary parties. For example, say one of your relatives drinks too much during the party and gets into a car accident. Your short-term liability insurance can help cover the costs associated.
  • Baby showers. For example, say the venue you rented gets damaged from too many spilled drinks. Your short-term liability insurance can help cover the costs associated with the damages.
  • Birthday parties. For example, say you host your child’s birthday party with 25 of their friends. During the party, one friend slips, and sprains their ankle. Your short-term liability insurance can help cover the costs associated.
  • Religious celebrations. For example, after hosting your church’s annual Christmas celebration, you realize the tables at the venue are damaged. Your short-term liability insurance can help cover the costs associated.
At The Hartford, our short-term general liability insurance plan does not typically cover public events. Examples of public events we don’t cover include:
  • Dance recitals
  • Sporting events
  • Exhibitions
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
For private events you will want to discuss with your insurance agent to make sure they can be covered. These events often include:
  • Fundraisers
  • Private corporate parties
  • Business parties or small events
short term general liability insurance Short-term general liability insurance coverage can vary depending on your event or the place you live. Regardless, there are certain events that are important to have covered.
For example, say you’re hosting a fundraiser and expect hundreds of guests to attend. You’re going to want bodily injury coverage and property protection. You never know when an unexpected situation may occur. Preparing ahead of time with the right insurance protection is a must.

Does My Policy Already Have Short-Term General Liability Coverage?

Before you put money down for a special event, you should check your business owner’s policy (BOP). This is important so you can see what kind of coverage you already have. For instance, there could be stipulations within your policy about booking an event. As you look over your policy, your agent will be ready to answer any questions you have.
After you’ve consulted your policy you can reach out to various venues for your event. You’ll want to check if they have liability insurance. Be sure to ask them what is covered on your insurance policy and what isn’t. For instance, you should ask about honeymoon cost, special attire, gifts, and more.
Need any questions answered? Contact a representative at The Hartford, to discuss your short-term general liability insurance options. Also, remember that insurance can vary by state, so be sure to consult a representative before booking your event.
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