Special Risk Insurance

What is special risk insurance?

Special risk insurance is designed to meet the special insurance needs of a variety of groups, including those in under-served industries. Because a group’s special events and activities are not typically covered under standard accident policies, special risk accident insurance from The Hartford is available to help organizations and communities tailor coverage to their specific needs.
Special risk accident insurance from The Hartford can be designed to cover a specific event or all of a group's activities during the year. It helps provide coverage for each participant in the event of an accident. For example, if a volunteer community group is putting on a hayride to raise money; special risk insurance could be used to cover group members and participants of the hayride. Or, if a scout group is hosting an event where its members and their families are racing soapbox derby cars, special risk insurance can help cover them as well.
Specifically, special risk insurance helps cover the medical costs that are associated with injuries, illnesses or even deaths that occur as the result of an accident at a covered community or group event. For example, if someone falls off the tractor during the hayride and breaks a leg, or cuts themself while racing in a soap box derby, special risk insurance from The Hartford could help cover the costs of medical care and treatment of those injuries.
The special risk accident insurance program from The Hartford is intended for the unusual types of risks that are not covered under one of our regular organization policies, such as our insurance for:

What activities are covered with special risk insurance?

It’s difficult to list all of the possible events that every community group could host. That’s why organizations can tailor The Hartford’s special risk insurance coverage to meet the particular needs of their group.
This flexibility of special risk coverage from The Hartford helps ensure that community groups and organizations are able to host and participate in a broad range of activities that their members will enjoy. Generally, members and supervisors are covered while participating in or supervising covered events and activities sponsored by the organization. Individual travel coverage to and from the activities may also be included at an additional charge.
The Hartford’s special risk insurance program is ideal for but not limited to these events:
  • Fairs
  • Parades or Parade Units
  • Pageants
  • Civic and Community Clubs
  • Dance/Art/Music Clubs
  • Tripsters
  • Parent/Teacher Association (PTS)
  • Non-employer related groups
  • Volunteer workers for schools, churches, hospitals, athletic camps and community celebrations
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