My Hartford Success

Step 1: Get the Word Out

Leads are the key to agency growth. Leads can come from just about anywhere – personal contacts, networking events, your existing clients. Any time or place you interact with people, you could potentially generate leads.
However, to drive a steady stream of leads, it takes more than just casual interactions. You need a disciplined approach to generating and nurturing leads, and The Hartford is here to help.
Think of leads as the beginning of a conversation about how you can help your prospects. Who do you want to have those conversations with? How will you start those conversations? Here are a few simple steps to follow.

Prospects icon Identify Your Best Prospects

Customers of The Hartford appreciate a relationship built on trust and service. They value you and The Hartford because they know we will be there when they need us the most. You can find The Hartford’s appetite guide on iMarket by searching for PLA086.

Conversation icon Start the Conversation

The Hartford has prepared a series of conversation starters – professionally prepared ads, videos, direct mail pieces, emails, web content, social media tools for Facebook,® Twitter® and YouTube,® as well as event tools, and more. They’re designed to make us both look good and are available on iMarket. Use them to engage prospects and start the conversation.

Engage icon Give Reasons to Engage and Simple Ways to Do It

In addition to delivering a powerful brand message, iMarket communications give recipients compelling reasons to contact your agency.
The goal is always to get the recipient to take action. Call for a quote. Register for a drawing. Attend an event. There are many ways to engage your audience and capture a lead. iMarket customizable communications make it easy.

Deliver the Message icon Deliver the Message Consistently & Repeatedly

Remember, once is not enough. You have to reach out to your prospects regularly. Generally accepted marketing principles state that it can take as many as 7 “touches” before a marketing message registers with its recipient.
Keep in mind that insurance is not an impulse buy. You have to keep your agency at the top of your prospects’ minds so that when a life event happens – a home or auto, marriage, birth of a child for example, or they become dissatisfied with another carrier, they turn to you for help.
Use our powerful iMarket communications, customized with your agency branding, to turn your prospects into lasting relationships.

Tools icon Tools That Help Get the Word Out

Use these tools to generate awareness of your agency, and help prospects learn what products and services your agency offers.
Checklist icon Event Kit and Planning Checklist: From strategy to follow-up, make events an integral part of your marketing program.
Community events – home shows, car shows, festivals – are a great way to engage your potential customers face to face. Imagine hundreds, maybe thousands of prospects seeing your agency, meeting your agents face-to-face, and learning about how you can help them.
You don’t have to wait for a big event. Engage your community through your local Chamber of Commerce, business networking events, a talk at the library about a relevant subject such as “Getting the Most out of Your Insurance” or “Are You Covered for the Unexpected?” Offer a free policy review. Be sure to bring along the Request a Quote forms so you can qualify leads on site. You can find them on iMarket by searching for PLA106.
With an Event Kit from The Hartford, which includes things like tents, banners and tablecloths, you can draw visitors to your exhibit space and make a great, professional impression for your Auto and Home lines. You can find our event kits on iMarket. For The Hartford Event Kit, search for PLA001. For The Hartford/AARP Event Kit, search for PLA072.
Make sure you have everything you need when you need it; The Hartford makes event planning a breeze when you follow our planning checklist. Find it on iMarketby searching for PLA118.
Social Share icon Social Share: Social Selling is a new and evolving art and science. The Hartford has offered several training opportunities on Social Selling. Our Social Share program expanded in 2016. It is designed to make it easy for you to provide a steady stream of social media posts that keep your agency engaged with your Facebook® friends, Twitter® followers, LinkedIn® network, etc.
Ratings icon Ratings and Reviews: There’s no escaping it. All businesses must deal with the reality of public ratings and reviews. Sites such as Angie’s List,® Trip Advisor,® Yelp® and others have raised the stakes in business accountability. If you don’t deliver what you promise, you can be sure you’ll have to explain why.
The fact is, your brand credibility is under constant review. If you become aware of a bad review posted on a website, you should publicly accept it as feedback and address it as best and as honestly as you can. The good news is that a positive review can be used as a marketing asset – a testimonial to your agency.
Search icon Agency Search Pages: The Hartford is helping more prospects find agencies that are authorized to offer the AARP® Auto and Home Insurance Program. Prospects searching for insurance will see two listings (your website and the local search page) in the results. The local search page increases your visibility and includes detailed information about your agency including your contact information and a link to your website.

Step 2: Generate Interest