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Barber & Salon Scalp Massage

Adding Scalp Massages to Your Services Can Boost Your Business

By Alexander Huls

When it comes to encouraging growth for your barber shop or hair salon, few things matter more than offering good value, a great customer experience, and loyalty-worthy service. Providing those things will ensure the kind of repeat business and word-of-mouth you’ll need to grow your business. Here’s one way you can help make that happen. Try adding a new service: scalp massages. We’ve gone ahead and listed five ways adding scalp massages to your offerings can help grow your business.

But don’t forget: a boost in business often means there could be other things you need to consider and more risks you need to manage. So, before you reap the rewards of adding scalp massages to your services, try to anticipate how this may affect other areas of your business. For example, check your barber shop and hair salon coverage to ensure it is adequate to protect everything business growth will bring your way. If you’re not sure what to prepare for, don’t worry: we’ve created a handy list of risks to be aware of before you expand.

They Provide Greater Value For Your Customer

Everyone loves value. Giving your customers more for their money is always a great way to encourage repeat business. That’s why scalp massages are a great service to add, especially if you don’t charge extra for it. Which you shouldn’t. Making it part of a normal appointment experience will ensure customers know if they come to you, they’ll get more for their money. That will keep them coming back, and telling others to come too.

Because if customers know they’ll getting a good deal for a haircut and a massage, why wouldn’t they?

They Provide a Better Customer Experience

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all love to be pampered. And if you’ve never had a scalp massage, let me tell you: it is pampering of the highest order. If you add it to your services, you will leave your customers deeply relaxed and happy. That’s a valuable feeling to provide someone, and it will make your customers’ experience in your barber shop or hair salon exponentially better. That, in turn will make them want to come back.

To them you’ll become not just a place to get a haircut, but the place where they left happier and more relaxed than when they came in. That’s the kind of perception and reputation that you will see grow your business.

They Make You Seem More Professional

Perception matters when running a business. Scalp massages are generally seen as a fancy, high-end service. If customers see you offer them, they may instantly see you as the kind of ambitious, successful business that can afford to offer it.

More importantly, they’ll likely think you’re good at what you do. In other words, if you act like a business twice your size, people will be drawn to it. And then you could become twice your size. Just don’t forget, you must actually deliver the high-quality service to ensure that once a customer comes your way, they’ll want to come back.

They Distinguish You From the Competition

Obviously, all barber shops and hair salons are not created equal. But they do sometimes have to combat customers’ perception that if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. That’s why distinguishing yourself is vital. Scalp massages will do that. Just by offering it, you could instantly elevate yourself over others who do not. It will give you the advantage you need to stand out among the crowd, and have an edge that can sway someone from going to you instead of that other place.

They Give You Better and More Loyal Employees

Employee loyalty can be as vital to the growth of your hair salon or barber shop as customer loyalty. Especially because retention in this industry can be notoriously difficult to cultivate. One way to earn loyalty: offering employees the chance to develop their skills. That’s why scalp massages are great, because adding them as a service means your employees need to be trained. Yes, that will cost you, but your employees will appreciate that you’re contributing to their career growth.

Doing so is also good because it will give you better employees. You don’t want workers to just mash someone’s head without actual know-how. Having highly trained professionals with a wider range of skills, is good for your business because better employees means better – and more – business. That’s because if you keep loyal and professional employees, they’ll continue to build a loyal client base, which begets word of mouth, which leads to new clients, which results in a nice booming business for you.