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Increase Accounting Clients

5 Ways to Get More Accounting Clients

By Julie Bawden-Davis

As an accountant, you know that a constant inflow of new clients is the key to a financially self-sustaining company. Acquiring more customers may prove one of your most challenging tasks, but the following easy-to-implement business building tactics can help you create a thriving practice.

1. Spread the Word with Public Speaking.

Get past the jitters commonly associated with public speaking, and you can reap the benefits of sharing your knowledge with captive audiences. As an accountant, you’re a credible professional expert worth listening to. Take advantage of this positive reputation by sharing your kernels of wisdom. Audiences are bound to take your message seriously, which should conclude with a call to consider your services.

Many organizations include speeches from outside experts in their regular programming. Organizations where you might share your expertise include chapters of Kiwanis International and Rotary International, investment clubs, the local Chamber of Commerce and professional associations, such as those for physicians and lawyers. In order to get yourself invited to speak, send an introductory email to the individuals in charge of programming that highlights your accounting background and lists various speech topics.

2. Write a Blog.

Develop a lively, readable blog that touches on topics of interest to your clients. If it is well-written and addresses common concerns and questions, over time you’ll reap the benefits of writing a blog, which include notoriety as a go-to expert in your field. Your blog is also an effective marketing tool that can be sent out to prospective clients.

3. Develop Referral Partnerships.

Teaming up with other businesses to refer each other’s services is an age-old marketing ploy with a high success rate. Get together with small businesses that complement yours and agree to suggest each other’s services when appropriate. Piggybacking off of each other’s marketing efforts can create exponential results. For instance, teaming up with a small business lawyer is an obvious match.

If you do decide to partner up with another business, protect yourself and your company by updating your accounting practice insurance policy prior to doing so. There are likely to be liability risks associated with teaming up. If you’re unsure of any potential risks – no worries – we’ve developed an easy to review list of accounting risks for you.

4. Encourage Rave Reviews.

In this age of reviews, word-of-mouth advertising is a highly effective way to call attention to your accounting company. An increasing number of people check out reviews prior to even considering using a business. Not many accountants take advantage of the power of public opinion, so this gives you a chance to shine.

Build up your reviews by asking existing clients to write them. Offer incentives for doing so, such as a complementary tax assessment or a giveaway. The ideal time to ask for reviews is as soon as you finish work for clients when you’re fresh on their minds. Encourage as many reviews as possible by making the process simple to complete.

5. Sell Accounting Packages.

Many accountants are unfocused in their approach to selling their services. Rather than highlight your skills and background and sell your time, which puts the spotlight on you, refocus on clients and their needs. Offer accounting packages tailored specifically to customers. For instance, appeal to various categories of clients by offering deals such as basic tax packages, as well as more extensive bundles that include services like consulting on budgeting, tax flow and strategic tax planning. People are more likely to respond and answer your call to action when they see exactly how your services can help them.

Though it might seem a bit daunting to get the attention of prospective customers, if you follow these tried-and-true methods, you’re sure to see some new business coming your way soon.