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Profit From Beard Craze

Barber? Stylist? How to Take Advantage of the Beard Craze

By Alexander Huls

Beards are everywhere. It has become a massively popular trend for men to let their facial hair sprout. That trend is a golden opportunity for hair salons and barber shops looking to grow their business. Some stores are even reporting 30% increases in revenue thanks to this new fad. It makes sense: beards benefit from professional care just as much as the hair on the top of our heads.

Here then are a few ways your business can take advantage of the beard craze to help take your success to the next level. And as your business takes off, be sure your barber shop and hair salon coverage is updated to handle your growth. You should also check out our risk management guide for your business to make sure you’re safeguarded for all that more success brings.

Offer Professional Beard Services

It goes without saying that the best way to take advantage of the beard craze is to offer beard-related services if you don’t already. But here’s what needs to be said: nobody will come to your shop for a shave or a trim if you don’t provide high quality service.

You need to offer great beard care to ensure customers leave your store happy and want to come back. That means either hiring stylists and barbers who already have the know-how, or getting professional training for your current employees. No, YouTube how-to videos don’t count. The better the quality you provide, the more you’re business will expand.

Sell Beard Care Supplies

Chances are you already stock a healthy selection of hair products to offer customers. Be sure to also add beard care supplies (brushes, oils, trimmers) to your shelves. Make sure you also have a nice range of offerings on hand. A good selection of beard products can be hard to find at a local drugstore. So if you conveniently have the good stuff on hand at your hair salon or barber shop, your bearded customers can stock up while visiting you, instead of going elsewhere. And that means more money in your register.

Teach Your Customers Beard Maintenance

Here’s a hard truth: customers aren’t always going to want to come to your shop every week for their beards. But their beards still need regular care, right? That’s why you should teach your customers proper at-home beard care. You can ask your stylists or barbers to do this during a regular visit, or you could even offer short in-store workshops.

Teaching your customers how to properly take care of their beards will show that you know your stuff and earn their gratitude. More importantly, it’ll earn their loyalty. And the next time, they (or their friends) want a professional working over, they’ll come to you.

A Beard Can Be Turned Into a Haircut

Men who take their beards seriously often take their whole look seriously. Frequently, that means they like their haircut to compliment their beard. How can that help your business? Well, if a client comes in with beard needs, you could provide (gentle, not salesy) style consultation and encourage a haircut that would accentuate their beard. Or, it could work the other way around too; your stylists or barbers could recommend a beard cut to play up a haircut. Either way, it could easily lead to a little extra business to help you become a one-stop place for the bushy bearded.